Diversity Awareness Partnership

Give Respect, Get Respect

Give Respect, Get Respect is a free five-session anti-bias program that takes place throughout a typical academic calendar year. The program connects middle and high school students, school administrators, and associates from local businesses in an effort to address diversity and encourage respect and acceptance among peers/co-workers. Each session is designed with a specific focus on developing deeper understanding and dialogue around race, religion & beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, and ability status.

GRGR gives students the tools to become inclusive leaders within their schools and helps break down walls that separate students from each other. Students grow by interacting with one another, learning more about different communities and identities, and bridging divides through awareness and education.

Thank you to our 2023-2024 program partner, the Saint Louis Zoo and Missouri Botanical Garden.

Contact: Steve Parks, Director of Programs, at sparks@dapinclusive.org or 314-257-0799 to ask questions or register for participation.