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Diversity Awareness Partnership’s education and training programs are delivered through presentations, seminars, community forums, and interactive sessions where the focus is understanding and dialogue. These sessions raise awareness around topics of diversity and strategies for inclusion. We take a comprehensive approach to inclusion by working with your organization to contextualize training within a broad array of other services.

Contact us to arrange an education and training opportunity for your organization, by using the Initial Training Request Form at the bottom of this page or by contacting Sarah Masoud, the Education & Training Manager, at smasoud@dapinclusive.org or 314-381-5065.

DAP Training Descriptions 

* Due to COVID-19 all trainings and communication will be conducted virtually until otherwise stated. We appreciate your flexibility! 

Children & Diversity  

Although our children are exposed to an increasing amount of diversity in their everyday lives, they exhibit bias at rates similar to adults. This session gives the tools necessary to start the conversation with them by examining basic concepts related to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion. In small groups, participants then discuss real-world scenarios and share strategies on how to discuss and model inclusion for and with our children. (2 hours, maximum of 35 participants) 

Climate Assessment

The Diversity Awareness Partnership has created a customizable online assessment of up to 50 questions to produce data assessing diversity and inclusion topics within your organization. Once the survey is completed by all levels of staff, we will analyze the data and provide a report which can inform the next steps for your diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Customizable Trainings  

Diversity Awareness Partnership can offer customization of all trainings to fit the needs of your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion: The Basics

This engaging session is perfect to get the conversation started around what diversity and inclusion is, and what strategies can be used to create a more inclusive organization. This session touches on biases, microaggressions, and other facets of diversity and inclusion. This session also explains the difference between diversity and inclusion and addresses various aspects of identity including race, religion, ability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age. (2.5 hours)    

Focus Groups 

The Diversity Awareness Partnership can facilitate group conversations on specific diversity and inclusion topics to further collect data related to the climate assessment. These deeper conversations with a smaller group can be an invaluable tool to clarify the results of the assessment. (1 hour) 

Inclusive Leadership  

This training is tailored towards the leadership of an organization focusing on why inclusive leadership matters. The training also explores the six signature traits of inclusive leadership, examining how each trait can drive mindset and behavior. Also included are examples of inclusive leadership in practice. 

Listen. Talk. Learn  

The events that have transpired since August 9, 2014 after the shooting of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri have presented all of us- as neighbors, business leaders, educators, students, and concerned citizens- with the opportunity to step forward and increase our understanding of race relations and what inclusion means in our communities. It is vital that we begin to understand one another to ensure healthy communication, trust, and respect. This session will expose participants to the debate vs. dialogue framework and provide them with the needed skills to practice dialogue. These workshop-style sessions will be facilitated by a Diversity Awareness Partnership facilitator and are designed to push participants to not only understand a lived experience different than their own, but to have open, honest, and difficult conversations. (80 minutes, maximum of 20 participants) 

Listen. Talk. Learn. More

Conversations on race have always taken place in certain households, but with the advent of #BlackLivesMatter and a surge in social media coverage, these conversations have now moved to center stage in many schools, places of worship, and broader communities. Those who have attended DAP’s Listen. Talk. Learn. series know this and have already begun bravely engaging in honest and open dialogue with fellow community members. Listen. Talk. Learn. More is for those who have started the conversation but want to go deeper than simply broaching the subject. By developing a common language, examining our own privilege, and discussing our experiences with peers, Listen. Talk. Learn. More offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop strategies for taking these conversations from a facilitated space, back to the contexts where we spend our daily lives- where broader change can begin to take root. (80 minutes, maximum of 20 participants)

Lunch & Learn 

These 1-hour sessions are focused on a specific topic relevant to the organization. 

Unconscious Bias Training 

The negative impacts of unconscious bias can be present at every level of an organization in a myriad of ways. Participants in this training will better understand what unconscious bias is, the many types that exist, and how it manifests through our behavior. This session explains how bias is a barrier to diversity and inclusion and offers options for mitigation. Real-world examples are provided throughout the session in order to demystify what can sometimes be an elusive concept. (2 hours) 

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Initial Training Request Form

Please feel free to reach out to Sarah Masoud, the Education & Training Manager, at smasoud@dapinclusive.org or 314-381-5065 with any questions or concerns!