Diversity Awareness Partnership is a catalyst to increase awareness, facilitate engagement and provide education about diversity and inclusion.


Diversity Awareness Partnership’s vision is inclusive communities where diversity is respected and embraced, and equity is the norm.

Key Programs

Diversity Training,  Annual Diversity Summit, Community Forums and Collaborations, Diversity Publications, Give Respect – Get Respect Youth Program, EXPLORE Career Immersion programs, Corporate Diversity Roundtables, and the DAP Connect Program.


In 1998, survey results indicated that 89% of participating St. Louisans would do something to make the region more inclusive if they knew what to do. This statistic inspired a partnership between St. Louis’ beloved sports teams, the St. Louis Rams, Cardinals, and Blues and a group of passionate St. Louis citizens whose perseverance initiated Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) in 2001. Since its inception,  DAP has been recognized for its collaborative efforts with St. Louis entities including Edward Jones, Webster University, community organizations, the St. Louis legal community, and area middle and high schools to develop more diverse and inclusive working, learning, and living environments. After 10 years of making a difference,  DAP remains dedicated to its founding mission while taking creative and innovative steps to impact the community as effectively and productively as possible.