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Read about a former student’s in-depth experience with EXPLORE Energy at Ameren


Ameren knows that St. Louis area high school students are the answer to efficient energy in the future. The EXPLORE Energy program engages youth in multiple careers in the public utility industry, each essentially important to the energy services that Ameren offers to the region. In such a broad field, the program goes beyond introducing engineering careers and helps students explore positions within the company in the fields of business, real estate, and more!

According to research published by the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, the demand for STEM professionals is high,and will continue to increase, but the pool of individuals to serve in those positions is at risk if underrepresented populations are not engaged in these fields. Currently, the STEM workforce does not look like America. Underrepresented minorities represented only 10.2 percent of professionals employed in engineering positions in 2010.

Concerned by the wide racial disparities in the engineering industry, Diversity Awareness Partnership and Ameren created the EXPLORE Energy program that focuses on connecting students of color to professional mentors and developing important skills to support an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce in our region.

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Contact Steve Parks, Director of Programs
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