Diversity Awareness Partnership

EXPLORE Professional Services (previously “Accounting”)



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According to research collected by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), there is a wide racial disparity within the accounting industry, which continues to widen at senior levels. For instance, CPAs that racially identify as Latina or Latino were projected to represent approximately 6% of the new accountants in the industry, but only represent about 2% of Partner positions across firms in the US.

Concerned by the wide racial disparities in the accounting industry, Diversity Awareness Partnership and PwC created the EXPLORE Professional Services program that focus on connecting students of color to professional mentors and developing important skills to support an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce in our region.

As the first company that DAP partnered with for our EXPLORE Programs, PwC has been a key leader across our EXPLORE Programs. The company provides mentors and activities that keep students excited about returning for another session. Looking to make their recruitment pool more diverse, PwC has extended internships to past EXPLORE participants and wants to continue to give students in the region these great opportunities.

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Questions about the EXPLORE Program? Contact DAP’s Director of Programs, Steve Parks for more information: sparks@dapinclusive.org or 314-257-0799.