Diversity Awareness Partnership

Listen. Talk. Learn.

Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP)’s Listen. Talk. Learn. sessions are intended to help strengthen our community’s ability to dialogue about race relations by facilitating important and difficult discussions on race, unconscious bias, and our lived experiences. Our hope is that by talking to one another and learning more about communities to which we have limited exposure, we will be more effective partners in the ongoing work of racial justice.

Since 2001, DAP has worked alongside you towards a more inclusive St. Louis region and beyond. Over that time, much has changed about our social landscape. National events like the 2020 election will continue to underscore the importance of relearning how to communicate with one another in constructive ways in order to create a more inclusive climate for all.

Attendees will leave the session having been able to:

  • Establish common definitions to create understanding in conversations about race
  • Model and evaluate the effectiveness of conversations about race
  • Better articulate the experiences of those who don’t share one’s racial identity
  • Trace the recent surge in the influence of white supremacist ideology in the United States, and construct helpful responses

Upcoming Listen. Talk. Learn. Sessions:

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Listen. Talk. Learn. More

Conversations on race have always taken place in certain households, but with the advent of #BlackLivesMatter and a surge in social media coverage, these conversations have now moved to center stage in many schools, places of worship, and broader communities. Those who have attended DAP’s Listen. Talk. Learn. series know this and have already begun bravely engaging in honest and open dialogue with fellow community members. Listen. Talk. Learn. More is for those who have started the conversation but want to go deeper than simply broaching the subject.

By developing a common language, examining our own privilege, and discussing our experiences with peers, Listen. Talk. Learn. More offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop strategies for taking these conversations from a facilitated space, back to the contexts where we spend our daily lives- where broader change can begin to take root.

The key objectives for the LTL More are:

  • Respond productively to common points of conflict when discussing race
  • Define helpful terminology and the impact of intersectionality on race
  • Explore how the realities of power and authority influence our perceptions about the world

Upcoming Listen. Talk. Learn. More Sessions:

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