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Give STL Day 2016

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Give STL Day 2016 – A 24-Hour Giving Day for Local Impact in St. Louis

Give STL Day is a 24-hour giving event that improves our community. On May 3rd, support and raise awareness of the great work of over 790 non-profits including Diversity Awareness Partnership.

Join the giving movement and donate to Diversity Awareness Partnership on May 3rd. With contributions from our generous supporters we will be able to surpass last year’s total of $5050.00On Give STL Day, your contribution to Diversity Awareness Partnership is more than just a donation it is your support for a more inclusive St. Louis.

It is more than just a gift.  It is the support we need to reach students across St. Louis and help them understand the value of diversity through programs like the Give Respect, Get Respect program, the EXPLORE Career Immersion program, and the Diverse-City Art Competition. Your support in 2015 helped us reach nearly 200 students and develop their skills to be inclusive leaders in their classrooms and beyond. Your donation is more than just a gift.  It is the support we need to strengthen our community by facilitating community forums and trainings like our Listen. Talk. Learn. sessions that has exposed more than 900 people to the need of Dialogue over Debate as we rebuild our community together. It is more than just a gift, it is the support we need to continue providing free educational resources to individuals and organizations to increase awareness around diversity and inclusion.

On May 3, go to https://givestlday.org//#npo/diversity-awareness-partnership, and donate to Diversity Awareness Partnership. Your contribution will help make our community more inclusive and help us continue our youth programs, diversity trainings, and educational resources throughout St. Louis and beyond.