Diversity Awareness Partnership

DAP – Columbia

Diversity Awareness Partnership to close DAP – Columbia regional office

 Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) has been a catalyst for diversity and inclusion conversations and programs in the Columbia area, and after three years of successful awareness and engagement activities, will now support a newly formed local organization.

“Diversity Awareness Partnership-Columbia has had the awesome opportunity to expose thousands of Columbia community members to thought provoking discussions, educational programs, professional networking opportunities and diversity trainings,” says Powell-Robinson. “The impact on the region has been exceptional.”

“Under the leadership of Nikki McGruder as Regional Manager for DAP – Columbia, the community has benefited tremendously from her trainings, programs and collaborations,” says Powell-Robinson. “We are excited about the introduction of a new diversity initiative in Columbia which will continue the mission set forth by DAP.”

Diversity Awareness Partnership will cease operation in Columbia but will remain a support resource to the Inclusive Impact Institute, with McGruder taking a leadership role. “I am eternally grateful for the foundation that Diversity Awareness Partnership has laid for the Columbia community,” Says McGruder. “DAP was the catalyst for getting work off the ground for Columbia and will continue to be a strong partner in this work. We will work collaboratively wherever the opportunity presents itself, and we are united in the fight to create inclusive communities for all.”


Click below to read Nikki McGruder’s letter to the Columbia community:

Columbia Letter to Community

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Columbia Press Release