Thoughts of Love & Hope: Entry #1

Apr 2, 2020

Today….the truth

That red sweater I was wearing in the four Zoom meetings that I was in on March 31? Just minutes before my first meeting, I noticed that there were stains from laundry detergent on it. I didn’t change it – partially because I figured no one would be able to see the stains (let me know if you did!), and partially because I had taken the time to iron it. Why iron for a Zoom call? Who knows? Over the last few weeks, almost hourly, I ask myself “why did you just do that very atypical behavior?”

Maybe you are right there with me…maybe you wore a sweater with a stain on it for your Zoom meetings today. Or maybe you ate right out of the peanut butter jar, staring outside for longer than just one spoonful. Or maybe you read an online recipe site for two straight hours, looking for the perfect waffle recipe (still looking, if anyone has one!) Or maybe you tried to do 50 push-ups and realized that you really cannot go from 0 to 50 in one day. Or maybe you read your family text chain (I am one of nine siblings), and you laughed and cried and felt your heart break for your sister who is a nurse.

What I am trying to say is that, like you, I am muddling through. I am quickly moving from productive to unmotivated in the blink of an eye. I am feeling hopeless in one moment, and then in the next I am seeing and imagining lasting and radical change for people in our community and world who are most impacted by systemic injustice.

And maybe what I’m really trying to say is that I am grateful. I remind myself every day to name (out loud, usually to my cat, Ellen) what I am grateful for. Today, I said out loud, “I am grateful for love in action.” I am seeing love in action in the St. Louis community, particularly as we come together to support and uplift those most directly impacted by Covid-19: healthcare workers, emergency responders, hourly wage earners, the unhoused, isolated communities, and those living on the margins.

We know that if each of us shows unabashed love and care for the other, we will be better for it.

With Love & Hope,
Melissa Brickey
DAP Executive Director

Here I am with Ellen and our corner office view – my dried up south city lawn and the alley behind it.