Diversity Awareness Partnership

Corporate/Non-Profit Partners

Diversity Awareness Partnership is proud to have Corporate and Non-Profit Partners committed to supporting diversity and practicing inclusion. Our Corporate and Non-Profit Partners sustain our work throughout the year and in return have access to benefits such as:

➢   Being a part of a great network of companies that value diversity and inclusion

➢    Automatic involvement with the Annual Diversity Dinner and Diversity Summit

➢    Ability to post jobs on our online Job Board

➢    Corporate Partner Breakfast

➢    Invitation to Quarterly Corporate Diversity Roundtables

➢    Explore or GRGR Program Host

➢    Ample web and print advertising

To learn more about how your organization can join our Corporate/Non-Profit Partners Group, please contact Diversity Awareness Partnership at 314-246-3141.


  1. Independent Schools of St. Louis

  2. Washington University in St. Louis

    Creating a welcoming, collegial environment that inspires and attracts diversity is a top priority at Washington University in St. Louis. It’s part of our mission and, with strong commitment at every level of the university, efforts are underway to ensure Washington University becomes as highly regarded for its diversity initiatives as it is in research, scholarship and teaching.


  3. Webster University

    Our inviting global campus environment attracts students from diverse cultures, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and instills in them a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others’ values. We are proud to support DAP as it advances global diversity and inclusion to support and sustain individuals, communities, institutions, and businesses in the region. DAP’s mission and Webster University’s are a natural match, and we are honored to host their offices in Webster Groves.



  1. Ameren

    Our workforce is dedicated to keeping the lights on and the gas flowing – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We focus that same kind of dedication on building a diverse culture where opinions are shared and the best solutions are put into action.




  2. BJC HealthCare



  3. Caleres


  4. Centene


  5. Citi

    At Citi, we are committed to a culture of inclusion and opportunity. Given our presence in more than 100 countries, diversity is at the core of what we do. We recognize that unique individuals, collaborative teams and inclusive leaders have far-reaching impact and are the engines of new ideas. We cannot operate as a global bank without a workforce that fully reflects the communities and clients we serve. A diverse workforce encourages a range of perspectives and experiences that provide fresh ideas and meaningful partnerships. Equally as important, it helps attract the best talent in the industry. As we begin our third century, we remain committed to fostering a meritocracy in which everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

    Check out more on Diversity and Inclusion at Citi here.

  6. Commerce Bank

    We value diversity and inclusion at Commerce Bank. We strive to learn from others with diverse abilities and perspectives. We’re committed to creating a workplace where all employees feel welcomed and valued. We seek employees who also support a welcoming, respectful and engaging atmosphere. Our employees make the difference in this commitment as part of a team we know as OneCommerce.


  7. David Mason + Associates

    David Mason + Associates (DMA) is a Minority-owned professional services and construction services firm with multiple offices throughout the Midwest and East Coast.  We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding project goals and diversity expectations while we engineer the foundation of communities for customers who hire DMA to assess, create, and preserve their essential infrastructure. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is long-standing and evidenced by our partnership with Diversity Awareness Partnership.  We value the different perspectives, backgrounds, and skills of all of our employees and know that this contributes to the success of our business.  We are energized by the challenge. Inspired by our people.

    Nearing 30 years of service, DMA provides the following services: civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying/3D scanning, utility industry services, transmission and distribution design, sewer cleaning and video inspection.

  8. Dot Foods

    As a family owned and operated company for the past 55 years, Dot Foods treats its employees like they are family. As a vital part of that family unit, we want to ensure our employees feel included and respected for their differing ideas. We both appreciate those opinions and count on them to make us successful—because without an inclusive and diverse culture, we are at a competitive disadvantage.



  9. Edward Jones

    We believe in order for us to effectively serve the diverse communities that represent the entire fabric of our country, we must become more diverse and inclusive. Diversity enables us to learn about and understand the unique needs and nuances of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. Without understanding and embracing different perspectives we lack the knowledge to deliver outstanding service and values to every client. Inclusion enables us to benefit from different ideas and perspectives that permeate from different educational and life experiences. Our strategy is to create a more inclusive work environment that welcomes different perspectives and gives every associate an opportunity to maximize his or her potential.


  10. Enterprise Bank & Trust

    Enterprise Bank & Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion goals serve to foster an open environment of understanding within the company and to encourage the individuality and creativity of each Associate.  Enterprise Bank & Trust is committed to creating an inclusive, impartial, and accessible workplace, with the knowledge that this commitment will present significant benefits to its clients, shareholders, employees and the communities where it operates.

    Enterprise Bank & Trust pledges the full measure of its combined and individual talents, strength and passion as it strives to honor this commitment.


  11. Enterprise Holdings

    We reach out to people of all backgrounds — in serving existing customers and winning new ones, in developing our current employees and attracting new talent, and in identifying and employing a diverse range of suppliers and service providers.  Our commitment to be an inclusive company extends to every employee, customer and business partner.  We value the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success.  Simply put, we want to nurture a business environment that is responsive to all.  This is an integral part of who we are as a company and as individuals.


  12. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



  13. Lockton Companies



  14. Mercy

    Diversity and inclusion is part of who we are at Mercy. The historic foundation that’s been laid allows us to extend our efforts to attract, retain, develop, empower and engage a highly talented diverse workforce that is patient-centric. Catherine McAuley began her ministry with the assistance of those who came from backgrounds different from her own. The tradition of co-worker diversity that started in the House of Mercy on Baggot Street continues with us today.

    With a strong culture that promotes “Dignity for All” and innovation, Mercy supports diversity, through inclusion and celebration of how we bring together our unique talents for the common good of getting healthcare right. The world today is more diverse than ever, and cultivating our distinct culture, rich with ideas and perspectives, is a differentiating aspect for the success of our Ministry.


  15. Midwest BankCentre



  16. MilliporeSigma

    At MilliporeSigma we respect, encourage and value the diversity that exists in our workplace and our surrounding communities. We are committed to fostering a workplace that builds employee capability and engagement.


  17. Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

    Our vision is to elevate Purina as a top destination for diverse talent.  We foster an environment of inclusion that empowers associates to bring their best to work.


  18. Olin Corporation




  19. PricewaterhouseCoopers

    At PwC, diversity isn’t just an ideal; it’s also a business opportunity—a chance to bring a plurality of perspectives and experiences to the table, one person at a time. Diversity expands our point of view and deepens our ability to provide clients with the highest level of distinctive service. PwC’s diversity strategy is designed to attract, develop and advance talent while building cultural dexterity for all.


  20. Spire

    Embrace diversity and inclusion to positively impact our culture by improving collaboration, enhancing engagement and productivity, and inspiring greater creativity and innovation among all employees for the benefit of all stakeholders.


  21. SSM Health



  22. Toyota/Bodine Aluminum

    Toyota Diversity: Every day, everyone



  1. COCA

    COCA is committed to actively and intentionally operating as an anti-bias, anti-racist institution. As such, we promote policies, practices, and programs that create courageous spaces for our COCA community to dialogue toward understanding.

    We know art is a powerful instrument for social justice. It is a means for people to share history, culture, and perspectives, celebrate differences, challenge assumptions, and find common ground. We aim to be a home to people from all backgrounds. We do not discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, citizen status, veteran status, ancestry, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis of discrimination.

    COCA is dedicated to advancing anti-bias, anti-racism work as we grow. As a learning institution, we understand that this work is an iterative journey. We will continue to evolve our strategies in collaboration with our communities in order to remain relevant and impactful.



  2. Independence Center


  3. Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School

    At MICDS our School’s commitment to diversity lies at the very heart of our mission and philosophy, and reflects our deep commitment to fully serving the needs of our students and families. We believe a diverse school community provides a significant benefit to the spirit and climate of our School and is an integral component of the foundation of excellence upon which our School is built. At MICDS students come from many neighborhoods around the greater St. Louis area representing 66 different zip codes, more than 35 different languages and dialects are spoken in our students’ homes, and 32% of our students identify themselves as students of color. At MICDS we are committed to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment that inspires and attracts diversity throughout our School.



  4. Opera Theatre of Saint Louis


  5. Saint Louis Science Center

    The Saint Louis Science Center is proud to be a founding partner of the Diversity Awareness Partnership. Our organizations share a common commitment to creating an organizational culture that values and respects all individuals. Additionally, the Science Center strives to provide an inclusive community place that encourages engagement and interaction for all of our visitors.


  6. St. Louis Association of Realtors



  7. St. Louis Public Radio



Sports teams

  1. St. Louis Cardinals